Welcome to my musings on photos I have taken and how I shot them. Comments and critiques are welcome!


Hamilton House, S. Berwick, ME - digital sketch

June 15, 2017
After the Vermont History Project, I decided to take some time and determine what is next. As an aspect of the Vermont project, I explored introducing painterly effects i...
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Back to Get More Rock

June 13, 2017
In Chapter 9, High Hopes and Earnest Toil, of Morrissey's book "Vermont: A History" he states that "Much of Vermont's history has been a quest to cultivate home-grown pro...
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The Nooning

December 29, 2016
The photo above was inspired by Winslow Homer's "The Nooning" (1872). With the passing of the trauma of the Civil War, in the 1870's rural life was idealized for it's inn...
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Let the Bridges Fall Down!

December 10, 2016
Pictured above is a recreation of a circa 1890's classroom located in The Black River Academy Museum in Ludlow, VT. The re-enactors consist of the 6th grade class from Bl...
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December 04, 2016
Pictured above is the Eureka schoolhouse, the oldest surviving schoolhouse and one of a few 18th century public buildings remaining in Vermont. Completed in 1790 in the E...
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