Snow Place Like Home III

January 30, 2014  •  1 Comment

January Snow 0003January Snow 0003Landscapes Near Waterford, VA of January 22 Snow Day

Yet another country home picture near Waterford, VA taken after the January 21 snowfall. In this case the stories I wonder about are those that unfolded under this tree. As Claire and I drove, this tree grabbed my attention much more than the adjacent impressive home and I would guess that the tree could easily be a hundred years old - enough time for many activities underneath its graceful branches. I ultimately decided on a black and white version. Like many post snowfall days, this day was crystal blue clear with only hints of clouds. The sky was so intensely blue that I felt attention was drawn away from the tree. Perhaps I could have moved to the right and captured only the tree but the impressive width of the tree crown would not have displayed as well. Plus I liked how the house gave scale to the tree, further revealing its grandness. Olympus OM-D E-M5 with m.zuiko 12-50mm@26mm, f6.3, 1/2000 s, ISO 200. For me a true example of a poetic tree.


Ann Littlefield Coleman(non-registered)
My mind went to the house first for some reason. I could picture, depending on when it was built, horse drawn carriages awaiting their turn to let off their participants to enjoy an evening in the jubilant grand ballroom.

Now to the tree. You are right. What a spectacular tree it is. Oh the afternoons of pure pleasure to sit among the branches reading for hours or secretly observing the activities below. Do go back and take a picture during the summer months when its leaves are in full performance.
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