Can't Sleep - Starry Night

November 02, 2014  •  2 Comments

Shenandoah Fall14 0122_DxOFall Starry Night - Shenandoah ParkOctober 2014 in Shenandoah Park Area

Claire and I recently spent a night at the very nice Glen Gordon Manor near the Shenandoah Park and had a marvelous meal. But when I eat a large meal late at night, my digestive system is not ready for bed. Finally at 2A, I looked outside and saw a crystal clear night sky, so I grabbed the camera and went into the nearby field with this spreading tree and Orion situated above in the Eastern sky. After a half an hour and a dozen exposures I decided I had a good image and I was ready for sleep. Olympus OM-D E-M5, m.zuiko12-40mm@12mm, ISO2000, 15 sec., f2.8. Manually focused to infinity (a feature of the lens) and the tree "light painted" with a head lamp.


Ann Littlefield Coleman(non-registered)
David, I am late getting back to this picture. It could have been titled Halloween Night it looks so spooky. But at the same time it is a beautiful tree against the darkness standing as a testament of its time and place. My great niece would have made us all go find likenesses for her wedding this weekend in Norman. She wanted a forest of tree limbs and lights on the alter where she and Randy will stand. This would have made her so excited of the possibilities. Just glad she did not see it in time. I'd hate to have had to cut it down for her.
One of your best David. Stunning.
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