Salute to the Street Cleaners

May 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Italy 2014 0168_69_70_71_72_tonemappedItaly 2014 0168_69_70_71_72_tonemapped The above captures the Catania Cathedral of St. Agatha (Catania Sicily) early in the morning. St. Agatha is one of the earliest and most important woman martyrs of the Catholic church having been killed for her faith mid-3rd century. I was lucky to catch the rising sun glinting off the freshly washed street. I had arrived at the Duomo Plaza about 30 minutes earlier but was disappointed to find the plaza very littered as it is a very popular destination in Catania. But I have also learned that in cities, be they NYC or Catania, the street cleaners arrive just before sunrise and in a surprisingly short time clean up the trash from the day before. So here is a salute to those workers who pick up after us and keep our special places clean. Olympus OMD E-M5, m.zuicko 9-18mm@14mm, f6.3, 5 shot HDR 1/60s +/- 2ev and processed in Photomatix Pro.


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