How Does Your Garden Grow?

June 20, 2014  •  2 Comments

Peonies 0105Peony GardenHappy Acres Farm Peonies 2014 It was a long hard winter in Vermont, but now in June (as in every year) the flowers have burst into color. This makes the winter suddenly seem far in the past. My good friends at Happy Acres Farm in Reading, VT have great pride in their peonies and they encouraged me to come by and take some pictures. I will not bore you with the many images but suffice it to say it was a target rich environment. Both pictures were taken with my Olympus OM-D. The first was at 58mm (m.zuiko 40-150mm), 1/60, f6.3, ISO400 to compress the garden bringing the flowers closer together. The second was at 17mm (m.zuiko 9-18mm) 1/400, f6.3, ISO 400 as I have learned that a wide angle lens can often make nice macro shots.


Peachy PeonyPeony at Happy Acres Farm


Ann Littlefield Coleman(non-registered)
David, I love the way you catch the dew drops on the flower. Every detail of your photo is so well planned. What a beautiful picture.
Lovely photos Dave ... you have such a gift capturing the beauty of nature thru a camera lens.
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