Throwback Thursday 2. April 21, 753 BCE

June 05, 2014  •  1 Comment

Roman ReenactorRoman Reenactor2014 Trip to Sicily and Rome

This image was taken recently (4/21/14) but definitely represents a "throwback". Many of us have experienced reenactors, especially those representing the Civil War time period. However, international travel can often remind a person that our US history is quite young. And when visiting Rome, one is also reminded that our modern achievements have stiff competition from the past. Show me an architect and builder today who could or would build the Panthenon using the same material, labor, and construction. Rome's designated founding date is April 21, 753 BCE and each year celebrants gather around the ancient forums and have a wonderful day of games and fun. And opportunities abound for "street" shooting. I also "googled" Roman reenactors and found numerous legions in the US. Olympus E-M5, m.zuiko 40-150mm@150mm, f6.3, 1/800 s, ISO 200.


How fun; and how lucky you were to be in Rome on this day of celebration! You must have had a heyday with your camera.
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