Room(s) With a Milky Way View

July 24, 2014  •  1 Comment

Lynd's Hill Milky Way 0011_DxOLynd's Hill Milky Way 0011_DxOJuly Milky Way from Lynd's Hill

This is another in a series of images from my friend's home on Lynd's Hill Rd, Plymouth, VT. I am sure some will recognize the chairs and the rock outcropping. The image was taken at late twilight which explains some of the horizon light plus Ludlow several miles to the south contributes some light. In July the Milky Way runs fairly vertical in the southern sky and can be seen just above the fir tree. The picture is a combination of a multiple (2) exposure in my D300 Nikon camera with a 17-55mm lens set to 18mm. The first exposure was 15 sec. at f2.8 (ISO 3200) and focus set to infinity to maintain as much sharpness as possible in the stars. The second exposure was at f11 and 4 sec. while I use a LED headlamp to paint some light onto the chairs and the rock. Post processing was in DxO Pro (for maximum noise reduction) and Lightroom for final color correction.


Edith Sundby(non-registered)
THIS IS LOVELY!! I feel like I am there with one eye looking at the sunset and the other eye takes in the physical surrounds while my third eye looks upward in to the heavens.
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