American Roots Photography No.2 - Vermont Country Sunrise

September 03, 2015  •  1 Comment

View From The HillsideVermont Late SummerGold Coast Rd Bridgewater Sunrise

This is my second installment of what I am calling my American Roots Photography project where I am attempting to emulate the look and feel of 19th century landscape art, specifically the Hudson River School landscape genre. Trees and distant mountains were dominant elements as I mentioned in the last post. This image adds an element of distance and expansion that are often seen in Hudson River School paintings. The color palette of these paintings are also different from modern photography colors with a definite shift towards warmer colors and more pastel skies. The greens in the foliage are also quite different showing a greater range of green colors in the leaves and much more yellow, which if one observes closely is actually more naturalistic. Many of the pigments that artists worked with in the 19th century were natural and often mineral based and thus the artists were most limited in green pigments


This is stunning, David. I am not familiar with Hudson River School, but if i is anything like what you have created with your lens and color palette - it must be spectacular!!
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