Cornish Fair, NH - Americana Experience

August 20, 2016  •  1 Comment

Cornish Fair Horse PullCornish Fair Horse PullUnder 3300 lbs pulling 3 tons

And now for a brief but related break from Vermont History. This weekend the small but significant New Hampshire town of Cornish is having their annual Fair. Cornish is also the home of St. Gaudens National Park and the site of the well known Cornish Art community. But their fair is about the agricultural "arts" and a peek into a time in the United States that only some remember. With 4H displays of livestock, vegetables, and home "arts" the fair resonates for any who grew up in rural United States. And then there are the adult competitions of horse, ox, etc. "pulls" where magnificent animals such as this pair exhibit the raw power that augmented the muscle of the men and women who pioneered and settled this land. Firsts of anything are always open to debate, but NH seems to have a legitimate claim to the first Agricultural Fair in 1722. A group of farmers in Nuthill, NH (now Londonerry) gathered to compete and demonstrate their skills. This competition was in the 3300 lb and under (horses) category and this pair had no problem moving the sled of almost 6 tons. I left before the competition was over but this team was still handily moving almost 8 tons. However, my money was on the team of Dollar Bill and Electric Bill.


Cool history!
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