Hamilton House, S. Berwick, ME - digital sketch

June 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_1014Hamilton HouseThe Jonathan Hamilton House, South Berwick, Maine

After the Vermont History Project, I decided to take some time and determine what is next. As an aspect of the Vermont project, I explored introducing painterly effects into my images. I was pleased with what I achieved but developed an acute awareness of how little I understood painting. So I am undertaking an exploration of recreating some of my images as digital sketches and paintings. I have very limited "artistic" skills but luckily technology provides a nice bridge for those like me - for those old enough think of a very elaborate "paint by numbers" process, without the numbers. I am using a wonderful app, Procreate, and my original images as a guide. 

This sketch comes from an image I took of a summer sunrise at the Hamilton House in South Berwick, Maine. The home overlooks the Salmon Falls River from which Jonathan Hamilton conducted a lucrative shipping business. Now a National Historic Landmark, a visit to the home is both a pleasant experience but also an opportunity to learn about Colonial Revival style. In the sketch I am attempting to explore subtle light and shade variations due to a morning sideline scene. 


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