Neil Sorenson(non-registered)
It was nice to see my sergeant show up twice in your blog on Vermont history. The photographs are well done. keep up the good work.
N. Sorenson Major
King's American Rangers
Marjorie Lord(non-registered)
A wonderful selection of images in your portfolio and albums. Along with some very informative and interesting reads on the history of your areas.
Lovely photographs and writings. Congratulations.
Bob Dutton(non-registered)
Wow, Dave ... nice, no ... beautiful work! Guess I will need to come to Vermont to take lessons from you (and Barb of course). What cameras do you use most often?
Fran Forte(non-registered)
Hi Dave,
You and I have never met, but I stumbled upon your site after some simple Google searches of Lake Rescue. I have been a life-long lover of Lake Rescue & Ludlow, and we just this year realized our dream of buying a home on "our" lake. My grandparents and parents enjoyed this lake generations before me and I hope to pass along my love to my 3 kids.

I just wanted to reach out and say hello and tell you how beautiful your photos are, especially your lake series. Maybe one day, we can meet and share stories. Feel free to send me a note at the email address provided.

Terry Bascom(non-registered)
Hey, Dave,

Absolutely stunning photographs! You have a talent.

It's a delight to see the photos of Sandy and Jim in their sugar house. The night shots are particularly brilliant, and so very warm in tone. Thank you!
Bob Kottkamp(non-registered)

This is the my first look at your blog, having known you for some years. Yes, it was time to get a larger understanding of what you are currently doing. I see both precision and passion in your photography and writing, pursuit and engagement that is leading you to serendipitous discovery and exploration. The last photo of Jim and Sandy in the second chapter of sugaring captures an essence of them both as individuals and a couple that so squares with two people I admire and appreciate so much. Thank you for that shot. And having spent some time in their sugar house during the boiling process, the series captures a lot of the care, focus, hard and sometimes dirty work that goes into producing the sweet stuff we love. There is also an essence of the pride this couple takes in their joint work that comes out across that collection as a whole.

Glad I looked into some of the detail of what you are investing yourself in currently. I have a deeper appreciation of you and your photographic pursuits.

Thank you,
Gina Zhidov(non-registered)
wonderful images. Ann Littlefield suggested I give them a look. Very glad she did. Bravo!
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